Trending Bathroom Renovations Ideas For 2018

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One of the most overlooked places in our homes is usually the bathroom, as we do not spend as much time in this room as other rooms in our house. People will often not put as much thought or planning into this essential room in our home as they could. However, it is something that can be done on a modest budget, and you can transform your bathroom into not only a functional room but also one of beauty. Here are some of the current trending renovations ideas for bathrooms in 2018 that you can incorporate into your home transforming it into a place that you will want to spend more time.

Making the Most of Limited Space with Narrow Fixtures & Fittings

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - narrow bathroom

Narrow bathroom

It seems that many modern homes have less space available, which can mean that the bathroom is cramped with very little space. One way that you can combat this is to install narrow bathroom furniture which takes up less space. As well as narrow sinks, baths, and showers, you can also opt for wall-hung storage units which can help to give a feeling of openness by tricking the eye and still provide you with plenty of storage space.

A Place for Him and Her

If you are lucky enough to have ample space in your bathroom you can opt for his and hers showers and sinks, which will mean you never have to wait to use the bathroom again. You may need to forego having a bath, but if you do there should be enough room for twin showers, even in a modestly sized bathroom. Having two toilets may be a bit much, but why not go for a bidet instead?

A Blast from The Past

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - victorian style bathroom

Victorian style bathroom

Another trend which is proving popular in 2018 is period-style bathrooms, complete with freestanding cast iron bathtub and Victorian style decorations. Freestanding baths have been popular for quite some time and complimenting this with ceramic handled brass-ware will give you a period style bathroom that is both suave and sophisticated.

Add Some Style with A Metallic Finish

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - metallic accent

Copper sink and tiles

For many years chrome has been popular in both bathrooms and kitchens alike, in 2018 people are sticking with the metallic finish but choosing different colours. You can get everything from brass handles for doors and cupboards, copper fixings for your sink, or even go one step further and select copper tiles for your wall. It is important not to overdo it too much, but with a few clever touches, you can create an impressive looking bathroom. You can get a wide variety of different colour finishes which will accent the decor of your bathroom and give it a look of elegance.

Bold Accents for Your Bathroom

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - bold colors

Yellow and blue bathroom

Something else that is proving to be extremely popular in 2018 for bathroom renovations is the use of bold colours to accent your room. Many homeowners will use light colors in their bathrooms, as this helps to make the room look larger, with darker colors giving the opposite effect. However, adding some bold colors to the bathroom can provide it with character and make it stand out. You can also add patterned wallpaper or large mosaic tiles to give your bathroom a touch of class. Your porcelain does not have to be white, and there are lots of options available including basin cabinets in red, as well as many other colors.

Make Your Bathroom A Wet Room

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - wet bathroom

Wet room

A wet room bathroom has been increasing in popularity for quite some time, and they are proving to still be a good choice in 2018. Making it a wet room is a practical idea, and it means you do not have to worry about leaks or spillages on your floor, with it potentially dripping through the floorboards. A wet room is highly practical and can create an inviting place, although the one drawback is if you live in a colder climate, you may have to wear slippers when you go in the bathroom to keep your feet warm.

A One Material Room

Another fad which started in the 1980’s and is making a resurgence in 2018 is the one material room. The same colors and patterns are used throughout the room, and you use the same materials as well. So, you will use the same tiles for both the floor and the walls, and instead of only having the walls partially tiled, you would cover the walls completely. When the room is done right, it can have a fantastic finish that will stand out and be characterful. If you are planning to use a darker color for this concept, it is essential that you get the lighting correct, with plenty of light in the bathroom. Otherwise, you could end up with what seems to be a claustrophobic room which looks small.

Floating Vanities Are In!

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - floating vanities

Floating bathroom vanities

2018 has also seen an increase in popularity for the floating vanity, which gives the impression that the room is larger than it is. All the plumbing components are hidden from view which means there are no pipes or wires on display. It is fashionable to have floating vanities that are made from either stone or wood, and there is a wide array of different finishes available with something to suit all tastes and budgets. Liam Howard from LJM, a bathroom renovation plumber in North Brisbane told us that this has been their number one request since they became all the rage on channel 9’s The Block. Liam said their facebook has been inundated with questions about where they can source the vanities and even how much to get the exact same bathroom!

The Technology-Based Bathroom

You may think that there is not a lot of technology that you can squeeze into a bathroom, but you may be surprised and what is available. You can turn your mirror into a touchscreen and have sensors that will automatically switch the lights on when you walk inside. You could get a fancy toilet that has a built-in bidet or even add a hand dryer. Some people add television or speakers to a bathroom, so they can listen to music or watch TV in the bath.  There are lots of different gadgets that you can incorporate into your bathroom to make it a tech-friendly and comfortable place to be.

Trending bathroom renovation ideas 2018 - latest bathroom gadgets

Latest bathroom technology

These are just some of the current trends for bathroom renovations in 2018, but there are lots more as well. You can look at the House & Home website for lots more popular trends for 2018 which can help you to plan the bathroom of your dreams for your home, no matter what your taste is!

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