Different Types of Home Construction

As technology has evolved we have learned how to make shelters from branches and turn leaves into magnificent skyscrapers. Each building has its own set of benefits because of its construction and it’s important to know what each type of home construction can offer before you make a decision on what type of building materials are best suited to you.

One of the nicest things about a well-made home is that it creates a more healthy living space. It can also, if done correctly, making your home more energy efficient. With this in mind, there are several ways to build your home using construction methods that are tried and true. We spoke with staff from one of Brisbane’s leading construction companies about the various home types that can be built.

stickbuiltconstructionStick Built Homes: One of the more popular types of home construction is a stick built (made out of wood) custom home. It’s the most common form of home construction because of the abundance of wood throughout many areas of the world.

Concrete Homes: Cooler in the summer, toasty in the winter and solid as a rock. Those are some of the benefits of concrete home construction. Building with this method offers you a solid home that is also weather resistant and very energy efficient; putting more money back in your pocket, while providing maximum comfort. Concrete homes are popular in climates that are hot and that are susceptible to hurricanes or storms.

Log Homes: The log homes are constructed out of whole tree logs. This method of home construction is not the most energy efficient way to build a home, but it does come with a certain pedigree that people love. Because of the less refined nature of the building materials for these houses, costs are often kept to a minimum during the construction phase.

Modular Homes: Modular homes, which burst on the scene and became popular in the 80s, are now one of the more popular residential home types. A modular home is basically a prebuilt, manufactured home that sits on top of a foundation. It is one of the cheapest ways to build a home.

brickconstructionBrick Homes: In many parts of the country, brick homes can be found in abundance. They are as much a part of the architectural style as the very landscape itself. Brick style homes these days do not require extensive masonry. The brick “look” can even be sprayed on to give the home a faux-brick like look that is very popular and aesthetically pleasing.

Paneled Homes: Rather than building a home board by board or stick by stick, many contractors realize that is no longer the most efficient building method. Paneled homes are instead built indoors and then delivered just as the name implies; as an entire panel. These offer an ingenious way to maximize energy efficiency, while offering a fast method of home building. The builders can craft the panels to exacting measurements in a climate-controlled environment, which is also great in regions which experience extreme weather conditions of hot or cold.

Tilt Slab Homes: This method of building with slabs is popular in new housing developments especially for townhouses. The concrete panels are made on site and then tilted up and fixed in place as the building is constructed. You can read more about tilt slab construction and how it works here.

Custom Home Construction: If you want a home built a different way – such as combinations with bricks and concrete or sticks and stones, the way to design your own home is with a custom home builder. They can work with you to choose the interior layout, exterior look and overall design of your custom home.

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