Are Pre-Purchase Inspections Really Necessary?

new home purchaseInspections can often be pivotal.

For many people, buying property will be the biggest purchase they will make in their entire lives. Strange to think that some people will spend tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollar on a home and don’t make sure they know exactly what condition it’s in.

That knowledge is essential.

Not the least because it’s a standard clause in contracts to state that the seller (or vendor) is only responsible for making sure you get the property in the same condition as when you signed the contract.

The Importance of Building Inspections

Here are some of the things pre-purchase building inspections can help you avoid.

Weak Structural Integrity

Weak FoundationThis is often the first thing people think of when it comes to getting their homes and other buildings inspected and with good reason. The knowledge that the building is structurally sound is huge.

Few people would want to spend time in a place where it felt like the floors could give out on them or the ceiling would cave in.

Unfortunately, places don’t always look like rotting shacks before part of the roof caves in. Big problems usually come from small problems compounding together over time.

On the bright side, an inspection report will let you know whether or not that crack in the wall is actually harmless. It will tell you the story behind the water spot in the ceiling. It will let you know whether or not the construction was done to proper standard.

Also, the best time to be aware of a termite infestation is before you buy.

Faulty Electrical or HVAC Systems

During a pre-purchase inspection, it is vital that the inspector examine your electrical system and your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Do you recall the clause in most contracts that states that whatever form the building was in when you made the purchase is how the seller has to get it to you?

If the central heating system wasn’t working or there was something faulty with the electrical system in the home when you signed that contract, the problem becomes 100% yours to deal with.

An inspector will ensure both that the systems are working properly and that they are affixed with the proper safety switches where applicable.

Bad Plumbing and Fire Proofing

Bad PlumbingThis could fairly be read as ‘waterproofing’ and fireproofing. Water and fire are two of the most damaging elements that can inflict harm on a home.

The lifespan of a building can often be determined by how well built and maintained its water systems are. Water is another one of those things that typically becomes a huge problem, rapidly, due to a number of small problems left unattended over time.

The inspector can spend time examining both an overhead tank and a simple faucet to keep an eye out for rust, corrosion, and cracks. They will also alert you to any dangerous molds and other hazardous situations.

For the ‘fireproofing’ the situation is more about ensuring that everything is in accordance with the standards of your local civic authority. As dangerous as fire is, making sure things are up to code goes a long way in keeping damage to a minimum.

Damaging Surroundings

When people think of getting an inspection, what most often comes to mind is examining the building itself. However, the surroundings of the building should be examined just as closely.

Patios and such are important, yes. However, a good inspector will make sure to inspect any fencing for soundness, termites and damp areas.

They will inspect driveways and pathways for damage. They will check garages and sheds to ensure they’re in the proper condition.

They should even look for issues with water drainage. Flooding or underground water retention can cause rising damp on the walls.

Going Over Budget

Pre-Purchase Inspection Saves BudgetOne of the most important aspects pre-purchase building inspections can help you with is staying on your target budget.

If you buy a house with a particular budget and find that there were repairs you weren’t expecting to make just a few months later, that suddenly makes the home more expensive than you had originally intended. Expense creep of this kind makes it easy to go over budget.

In addition, with your inspection report in hand, you’re aware of all of the issues with the building that you (or perhaps your agent) weren’t before. That makes you fully justified in asking for a lower price, or in finding another location altogether.

To ensure that you make a secure purchase on your properties, be sure to consider pre-purchase inspections in your plans. For more information on building inspectors in Victoria please click here. For information relating to other states please search online for information from the relevant Government authority.

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Airbnb Pushing Brisbane Renovation Boom


In the last few years, Brisbane’s prestige market has experienced a boom in sales. The market is benefiting immensely from the massive influx of investors from the Melbourne and Sydney. According to experts, then increasing appetite for the Brisbane’s prestige market is attributed to the excellent value it represents to the investors. Among the factors driving the demand is the rise of Airbnb rentals as an attractive investment opportunity. According to agent Frank Gosdschan, of McGrath Bulimba, at the moment, about 50 per cent of the buyers are from Sydney.

Positive Impact of Airbnb on Home Improvement

Most of these investors are buying homes for short-term rentals (Airbnb). According to Mr Gosdschan, the trend could be the reason why Brisbane’s prestige market in Brisbane is doing better than other parts of the market. He is currently marketing Adelaide Street East estates and houses and expects to secure better deals considering the recent sales deals sealed around this place. From reputable sources, some of the price-setting sales include $2.61 million for Number 119, which spans 959 square metres while a Number 125, which covers 2281 square metres of land, sold at $4.35 million.

Property owners are doing home renovations in Brisbane so they can have the property listed on Airbnb. According to Alma Clark, of Alma Clark Real Estate, he believes that these effects on the Brisbane’s market are as a result of strong Sydney Prestige price. He also mentions that investors are also gaining a lot more confidence as an ideal investment market. Buyers are also impressed by the much, much lower prices than for lesser properties in Melbourne and Sydney, said Mr Clark. It makes no sense to buy an expensive property in Sydney and still charge almost the same Airbnb prices as Brisbane investor.

Airbnb and Real Estate

Brisbane AirbnbAccording to Dr Andrew Wilson, Domain Group chief economist, numerous Brisbane suburbs are already benefiting from these developments in the marker. As of today, there is a number of city suburbs with medians over a million dollars. According to Mr Wilson, some of these suburbs include Ascot at $5,545,000, Hawthorne at $1,162,500, Bulimba at $1.05 million and Clayfield at $1.04 million amongst many others. According to him, this year, the prices could have gone up by 1.8 per cent. He also mentioned that the prices dipped at the beginning of the year but have picked up very well, and there is no doubt that the year will end on a high note.

This has been a great season for both the buyers and the real estate agents in Brisbane. With the prices being much lower than in Sydney and Melbourne, the appetite on Brisbane prestige market will not end any soon as long as Airbnb rentals are in high demand. The ripple effect will be felt in the entire real estate economy and the wider economy. “This is indeed one of the best economic environments,” said Mr Scott Darwon, Ray White New Farm Agent.


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A Growing Interest In Solar Panel Investment

residential solar system The idea of solar panel investment is rapidly becoming a viable option for many Australians. This should not come as a surprise given the many benefits that can be gained when using energy produced by the sun. For starters, solar power is completely clean and environment-friendly unlike other energy sources. This is just one aspect of solar panel installation that has made it an ideal alternative to traditional power being provided by many commercial companies.

A growing number of businesses in Australia have actually gone into some type of solar panel investment. Many of these have been quite satisfied as they are able to see a possible return on their investments in as short as four years. As such, Australian business owners are currently targeting a completely self-sufficient energy system founded on solar-based technology. This means that in time, they will no longer be receiving regular electricity bills.

Meanwhile, private homeowners also find the shift to solar power ideal although the initial costs involved in solar panel investment tend to discourage them. This is understandable, but when considering the life span of the typical solar panel, the initial expenses of getting them installed should be reasonably fair. On the average, these panels can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years while the accompanying inverters have been known to work efficiently for at least a decade.

Additionally, the Australian government has enacted a measure whereby local residents who opt to settle for solar panels as an energy source become eligible for some type of discount. Specifically, when making an investment in solar panel installation, Australians are issued what are known as RECs or Renewable Energy Certificates. RECs are credits that can come in the form of rebates which can be redeemed after the solar panels have been installed. Alternatively, these can be used directly when purchasing the solar panels for significant discounts. Australian solar PV system and solar lighting supplier Top Frog Energy recommends installing a small scale solar system that produces no more than 100kW so you are eligible for the solar feed-in tariffs for your state.Solar panels

These credits have become less prevalent across the country lately, and since the reduction in the rates of solar feed-in tariffs, the segment of people who can benefit from solar has narrowed slightly to those who can use energy during the day or residents who opt for off the grid storage solutions for energy produced like the Tesla Powerwall released earlier this month on pre-order. Because of these changes it is important to keep up to date with government legislation for feed-in solar tariffs in each state. Here you can find appropriate information for QLD & NSW.

Some people, however, see these incentives as short-term. Nevertheless, they remain attractive options for many Australians seriously considering a solar panel investment. In this regard, it should be worth noting that solar-based technology is bound to further improve in the coming years. This should eventually make solar panels more affordable for the average Australian household and enable them to see solar energy as the practical solution to the rising costs of commercial energy.

Of course, the vision of seeing an Australia that is fully dependent on solar power remains an elusive dream. Presently, solar energy production is still unable to accommodate the needs of people living in the metropolitan areas of the country. This is expected given the number of businesses as well as residential properties which have been in these parts for many years.

Still, in the regional territories of Australia, many homes and commercial companies have helped make solar power a major component of daily living. They serve as concrete proof of the viability of switching over to alternative and clean energy sources like the sun.

A few other natural sources of power have also been made available in recent years. Wind energy, as generated by ubiquitous windmills, shows promise but requires large-scale infrastructure and planning. On the other hand, solar panel investment can be conveniently made even at the micro-level category.

If you’re in the construction industry make sure you take advantage of the benefits available to homeowners when installing solar panel systems, solar hot water, and other renewable energy systems and be sure to encourage your clients to take up these options to help the earth and reduce their bills.

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Getting a Head-Start in The Roofing Industry

A roof being fixedAre you interested in becoming a roofer? We spoke with a renowned Melbourne roof restoration company to find out what is required. The process is rather straightforward and most professionals got a head-start in the industry through an apprenticeship with a local company. Apprenticeships provide opportunities to learn the more basic skills needed, while also giving the apprentice a chance to polish their skills and abilities. At the same time, payment is received as an on-the-job trainee. It’s like getting paid to study!

An alternative method to becoming a roofer is to complete a course with concentration on roof slating or another specific area of roofing. This will often require the completion of a specific set of hours and can be availed of through a government sponsored program. These programs are available through selected local colleges as well as through any number of building/construction companies.

Either way, the duties that a typical roofer is expected to carry out can be wide-ranging although many of these tend to center around the repair and renovate aspect. In this regard, it is important for the aspiring roofer to familiarize themselves with existing roof types. At present, many roofing platforms are either flat or the sloped type, however some less common models are known to exist. In any case, when it comes to sloped or pitched roofing, the repair will involve replacing the damaged tiles or colorbond sheeting with new ones.

On the other hand, flat roof repairs will often involve the use of felt asphalt. This will be used to replace waterproof roofing that has become damaged over time. In some cases a bitumen layer is used to coat the original roof layer.

Regardless of the roof type involved, becoming a roofer requires having a basic knowledge of all existing roofing systems even though the typical roofer will tend to specialize in only one particular variant. In this regard, it should also be noted that while most roofer jobs revolve around repairs and renovation tasks, orders for the installation of completely new roofs is also quite common.

roofing work in progressWhen it comes to accepting roof repair jobs, the experienced roofer is expected to follow a few essential steps to ensure that the job is completed in a satisfactory manner. For starters, any broken roof tiles need to be removed initially, through a process known as stripping. The next step will require an examination of the roof timbers with a view to confirming their soundness. Then the roofing materials will have to be measured and cut according to the required shape and size. After the cutting process, the roofer will work on spreading felt strips onto the timbers.

At this point, the tile rows will also have to be re-fitted to ensure uniformity in the roofing system. Afterwards, the roof joints are sealed with mortar with emphasis on the ridges. As roofing jobs require working at generally high areas, becoming a roofer will require overcoming a fear of heights assuming this exists. Other than that, roofers must always maintain a standard of protective gears, notably knee pads and hard hats, to keep them safe while at work. Needless to say, becoming a roofer is not for the faint-hearted.

Roofing jobs are often dirty and demanding from a physical standpoint. As such, aspiring roofers need to be physically fit, diligent and skilled to ensure a high level of work for each of their clients.

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On the Job as a Possum Removal Technician

The pest control trade has been growing in popularity in Australia in recent years. Low barriers to entry, above average wages and the enjoyment of having a variety of work roles and getting to work with animals are some of the reasons for this. One branch of the trade, possum removal technicians, are high in demand right now.

A possum removalist technician and his trapPossums are an arboreal marsupial species that are native to Australia. They are typically nocturnal creatures and inhabit mostly forested lands but are also very adaptable to different environments. As we have encroached on their natural habitat, many of their species have found shelter in suburban areas. They can often be found on roofs and ceilings of homes and can be a nuisance especially during evenings when they are most active. Possums can also chew through electrical wiring and timber, resulting in unsightly damage and costly repairs, and their urine and excrement are a health concern.

The increasing spread of possums into suburban areas has caused an increase in demand for possum removal specialists. These pest control technicians are specially trained in dealing with possums, and are well verses in safe and humane ways of catching and removing these troublesome marsupials. A possum catcher must be knowledgeable, highly-skilled and well-trained to ensure compliance with government laws and regulations. This is because the laws relating to the removal and relocation of one Australia’s fauna are very specific and very strict.

On the Job

A day in the life of a possum removal technician includes finding solutions for up to 10 call-outs concerning rogue possums. Once on-site, the possum pest controller must find all existing entry points into the premises in question, often involving a thorough search from up on the rooftop of the structure.

Once all entry points have been located they need to be blocked off, to stop re-entry occurring. This may leave possums trapped inside the dwelling, so traps need to be set to ensure the safe removal of any possums still inside. Red apples are usually used as bait, as possums have a penchant for such fruits. The traps need to be checked regularly over the next few days and any caught possum are set free back into their own natural habitat.

The first step in the possum removal process involves finding out how the critters are entering the home. Possums commonly enter under eaves or through gaps in tiles and roofing. Brown marks around these areas are a good indicator that a possum is entering through that aperture. Once these holes have been sealed to keep possums out, traps must be set to ensure no possums are caught inside where they might starve to death.

a mother possum and her baby caught in a trapAny caught possums must be released at dusk to a location that is no more than 150 metres away from where it was captured. When relocating a possum, it should be somewhere near trees or a tall fence that it can climb, otherwise the possum may not survive.

Safety is always a priority. Possum removal technicians only use natural methods to catch the possums to make sure that the people living in the home or property, as well as the troublesome marsupials, are kept safe. It is also the technician’s job to understand these creatures that have no other choice but to search for new places for food and shelter. Relocating them to a more suitable environment is a crucial task, but it is an absolute necessity that experts always comply with government regulations for their utmost safety.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a possum removal technician, speak with you local governmental authority to find out what is required, or get in touch with a local possum removal company e.g. Pesky Possum if you are in Brisbane, and find out how they can help you achieve your dream.

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The Minefield of Solar Panel Installer Accreditation

A solar panel installer working on a roof in SunnybankThe path to becoming a solar installer in Australia is not an easy one. This is largely because of the stringent requirements to get the appropriate licenses that lead to a solar panel installer certification.

The problem does not really end at this point as the process of solar certification can be a bit complicated at times. For example, depending on what the solar panels are going to be connected to, there may be other legislation required to perform specialist work. This will require the acquisition of a separate license. Just like other professionals in Australia, electricians need to be properly licensed prior to extending any type of electrical service.

In Queensland for example, a qualified electrician needs to also be certified with a solar install and design accreditation. We spoke with Kosta from Brisbane Solar Needs about the licensing required for solar panel installers. His company installs solar panels all around Brisbane, but focused on the south-side of the city around Sunnybank Hills, Springwood, Eight Mile Plains and Runcorn. He informed us that while the solar install accreditation was a much easier to attain than the initial trade certification as an electrician, the course still taught him a lot and was quite involving.

Laws vary from state to state. Presently, every Australian territory has its respective system with regard to providing occupational licenses. A professional license issued in Western Australia, for instance, is only valid in that state and will not necessarily be applicable in other regions.

This can pose a number of problems to many Australian skilled workers especially if they have plans of moving to a different city. Simply put, if they opt to find jobs in another Australian state, they will be required to secure a second license.

Needless to say, if you are thinking of becoming a solar panel installer in Australia the process will not be a walk in the park. This has little to do with the availability of jobs, but more of getting adequately certified, a process often delayed due to government red tape.

Nevertheless, a measure is currently being pushed by Australian authorities which should effectively address the issue. Officially referred to as NOLS or the National Occupational Licensing System, the initiative seeks to introduce a single certification for all Australian workers that will allow them to find the appropriate jobs anywhere within the region without worrying about securing additional licenses.

This is one piece of good news for many Australian solar panel installers. For starters, the costs and paperwork involved in getting several licenses for works inclusive of a given solar panel installation job will be reduced significantly. This may however cause problems in some areas which lure in installers from interstate, creating an oversupply and pushing down costs in the area.

Overall however, a consolidated licensing system should eventually help prevent cases of undue delay in getting to process various Australian government documents. This should lead to a faster and smoother workflow in related government offices in Australia.

Victorian legislators have already introduced the bill seeking to make NOLS an official Australian law. Several other states are expected to follow suit; unfortunately, some territories have still yet to. Until this happens across the entire country, the process of becoming a solar panel installer will unfortunately remain to be a slow and complex one.

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Metal Roofing And DIY Repairs

Generally, metal roofing requires very little maintenance as colorbond or corrugated iron is exceptionally durable. When properly installed, these strong, metal roofs can expect to last for several decades.

a metal roof on a Sydney home

A Colorbond metal roof on a magnificent Sydney home

This however, does not mean that metal roofing is totally immune to damage. When problems arise, repairs may have to be made. In some cases, this may even involve the installation of a completely new roofing system. This can either mean adding a new roofing atop the old one or removing the existing roof and replacing it accordingly.

In this case, the need to hire a professional roofing expert should be considered paramount. This is especially true in dense urban areas like Sydney where skilled workers need to be properly certified before they are allowed to accept jobs related to their expertise.

Unfortunately, a number of Australian homeowners have had to deal with various economic issues in recent years, and these have led them to re-consider their options. In this regard, getting necessary repairs done to their damaged metal roofs is one area that has often been forgotten.

In particular, many homeowners in Australia in need of roof replacements have been known to settle for the so-called do-it-yourself or DIY technique. The reason for this is obvious – hiring roofing companies to complete a roof replacement job can be quite expensive.

homeowners working on their roofIndeed, the DIY approach can be quite appealing, especially since people get the convenience and satisfaction of working on their own homes. After the task is completed, there is also a sense of achievement that can be felt.

However, the DIY option also has its disadvantages. Primarily this has to do with safety, an aspect of home repairs often disregarded by many overzealous and inexperienced homeowners. Carelessness can easily result in unwanted injuries, and this is not an entirely remote scenario especially when the repair job involves the replacement of damaged metal roofing.

For this reason, it is best to settle for highly-skilled workers when there is a need to replace an existing roofing system. Needless to say, there is no need to sacrifice safety just for the sake of avoiding the expected costs.

Additionally, after the repairs are complete one can rest assured that the roof will remain in top condition, at least for the next few decades. Roofs founded on metal have always been known to be highly durable, and this eliminates the need for regular or ongoing repairs. Even the adverse weather conditions in Australia are rarely a problem for the durable metal sheets commonly used here.

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Different Types of Home Construction

As technology has evolved we have learned how to make shelters from branches and turn leaves into magnificent skyscrapers. Each building has its own set of benefits because of its construction and it’s important to know what each type of home construction can offer before you make a decision on what type of building materials are best suited to you.

One of the nicest things about a well-made home is that it creates a more healthy living space. It can also, if done correctly, making your home more energy efficient. With this in mind, there are several ways to build your home using construction methods that are tried and true. We spoke with staff from one of Brisbane’s leading construction companies about the various home types that can be built.

stickbuiltconstructionStick Built Homes: One of the more popular types of home construction is a stick built (made out of wood) custom home. It’s the most common form of home construction because of the abundance of wood throughout many areas of the world.

Concrete Homes: Cooler in the summer, toasty in the winter and solid as a rock. Those are some of the benefits of concrete home construction. Building with this method offers you a solid home that is also weather resistant and very energy efficient; putting more money back in your pocket, while providing maximum comfort. Concrete homes are popular in climates that are hot and that are susceptible to hurricanes or storms.

Log Homes: The log homes are constructed out of whole tree logs. This method of home construction is not the most energy efficient way to build a home, but it does come with a certain pedigree that people love. Because of the less refined nature of the building materials for these houses, costs are often kept to a minimum during the construction phase.

Modular Homes: Modular homes, which burst on the scene and became popular in the 80s, are now one of the more popular residential home types. A modular home is basically a prebuilt, manufactured home that sits on top of a foundation. It is one of the cheapest ways to build a home.

brickconstructionBrick Homes: In many parts of the country, brick homes can be found in abundance. They are as much a part of the architectural style as the very landscape itself. Brick style homes these days do not require extensive masonry. The brick “look” can even be sprayed on to give the home a faux-brick like look that is very popular and aesthetically pleasing.

Paneled Homes: Rather than building a home board by board or stick by stick, many contractors realize that is no longer the most efficient building method. Paneled homes are instead built indoors and then delivered just as the name implies; as an entire panel. These offer an ingenious way to maximize energy efficiency, while offering a fast method of home building. The builders can craft the panels to exacting measurements in a climate-controlled environment, which is also great in regions which experience extreme weather conditions of hot or cold.

Tilt Slab Homes: This method of building with slabs is popular in new housing developments especially for townhouses. The concrete panels are made on site and then tilted up and fixed in place as the building is constructed. You can read more about tilt slab construction and how it works here.

Custom Home Construction: If you want a home built a different way – such as combinations with bricks and concrete or sticks and stones, the way to design your own home is with a custom home builder. They can work with you to choose the interior layout, exterior look and overall design of your custom home.

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Why Should You Hire A Professional Painter?

Much as you may be a hands on person, there are some jobs that need to be left to the professionals. The truth of the matter is that a professional painter will deliver quality results that most of us are not capable of doing ourselves. That said, you may still be asking yourself whether it is necessary to hire the services of a professional painter. Here are some pointers that will show you the benefits of hiring a professional for the job.

a painter working on a house1. They are experienced – Professional painters have been in the business for a long time and have honed their skills and knowledge. They know what’s will be the best paint for any job and know what colors blend will compliment the others on your house. A professional is also better equipped when it comes to handling any mishaps that may occur during the painting process.

2. They save you a lot of time and money – Most professional painters visit your home to see the scope of the job. That way they get to know from you how fast you want the place to be painted and armed with that information they can plan how the job will be done speedily. If it is necessary to have more than one person on the team, they can arrange for it to happen.

3. They are efficient – You can be sure of getting pleasant results when you hire a professional painter. Remember you are the client and they do not want to leave with an unhappy and unsatisfied customer. Remember, they have a reputation to uphold. For that reason, they will always seek to do their best and do it within the stipulated time. Another thing that makes a professional painter effective is the fact that they work with up to date tools and equipment. Painting is more than just applying a coat of paint over another. Surfaces that need to be painted may need some work done on them before the actual process begins. After the painting job is finished there may be a lot of clean up work to do as well.

Getting the best painter is no easy task. They are many painters out there who claim they are professionals but their work will not say as much. If you want excellent results then you must get the right person for the job. How do you find the professional painter that will deliver outstanding results?

1. Be clear about what you want to begin with. If you know what you want as the finished product, the painter will be working towards this end. If you are unsure about what you want to begin with, the results will show. Knowing what you want will help you ask the painter questions that can help you make a better decision.

2. Get painters with a proven track record. A good reputation always precedes the painter. Get information from happy customers that could include your friends and relatives. If you are able to see the actual painting job that they painter did for them, even better. You can always look up reviews of companies online to see what other people have thought of their work in the past as well. Professional painters will always give you a detailed quote about the job at hand. Ensure you get contact information, payment details down on paper and sign on a contract that you have agreed upon before the painting job can commence.

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Putting Pests to Rest: Pest Control at the Office

It’s very important to have a clean and pest-free office space at all times. Commercial pest control is a critical task for most businesses, though it is often overlooked. Office buildings need to be at a healthy standard for everyone. These places are where people work and entertain clients everyday and pests should be the least of their concerns.

If left unresolved, infestations of cockroaches or rodents may spread disease; and not only that, they can also ruin your reputation and leave you with angry staff or tenants. Good prevention may help avoid costly repairs and possible building violations as some pests can seriously damage or even destroy a building’s infrastructure.

Be sure to hire only the experts in pest control in your city for commercial offices areas. Those who provide comprehensive services for the base building and individual office spaces are the best qualified to manage your needs. Here are some tips and guidelines for responsible pest control in commercial spaces from a team of pest controllers from Brisbane.

a commercial building in need of pest control

Keep an eye out for signs of pest infestation

To successfully manage pest problems, monitoring your building for signs of pest infestation such as rodent droppings, gnaw marks and frass (exoskeletons and excrement of insects) is necessary to estimate pest population levels. Maintenance technicians should familiarize themselves with these signs. The information gained through close monitoring is crucial for deciding whether specific control measures are necessary.

Electricians and plumbers are also important for effectively monitoring pests in the building as they have access to hidden spaces in the area and can easily spot leaks and other water problems that can lead to pest infestation. Carpenters, contractors and other structural experts can also examine the building’s conditions for additional insight on the issue.

Block possible passageways for pests

These sneaky creatures can be avoided if passageways or small openings in the building are to be minimized. Regular inspection of the building exterior is a must to spot holes where pests can enter. Here are other ways of preventing pests from gaining entry:

  • Broken windows, screens, vents or holes in the exterior of the building should be fixed or blocked immediately. Rodents can fit through the tiniest gaps in the walls.
  • For doors which are frequently used, automatic door closers should be considered to make sure that they are not left open, especially overnight.
  • Place screens over ventilation systems to prevent insects and rodents from entering.
  • Close gaps and openings where wires and conduits pass through the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. and seal access through plumbing systems to prevent pests from using these passages to gain entry.

a rat entering the buildingManage your garbage disposal and recycling program

Garbage disposal and recycling must be handled correctly in order for any commercial premises to be effective and pest-free. Recyclable items should be washed before being thrown in the recycling bin to make sure that no food and drink residue will be left for pests and rodents. Pests can also gnaw through plastic containers so it’s best to use metal bins as much as possible. Storage bins should also have tight fitting covers to keep insects and rodents out.

Dumpsters and trash cans should be placed on concrete or asphalt surfaces at least three feet away from the building, and an adequate number of trash bins should be allocated to avoid garbage overflow.

Lastly, frequent pick up of garbage and recyclables should be arranged to constantly disrupt the dependence of pests on a steady habitat that can possibly be established as a breeding area if not cleared out immediately.

Quick pest remedies

To attempt to stop an infestation without the help of professionals or any pesticides, vacuuming is a quick method that may help. Using a strong vacuum can suck in live cockroaches, as well as their eggs and excrement, rodent droppings, hair and other contaminated debris. Be sure to use a vacuum with high efficiency air particulate (HEPA) filter as recommended by experts. Simple snap traps can also be used to eliminate rodents however these should be kept out of sight so as to not cause alarm with staff or visitors to the building.

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